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The real estate markets in Munich and Frankfurt are among the most overheated in the world, according to a new report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The most vulnerable to a real estate bubble are those who were forced out of China-ruled Hong Kong and the United States as a result of the global financial crisis.

Munich is the most expensive city in Germany, and prices for apartments have been rising steadily since 2010. According to the International Monetary Fund, the average cost of living in Munich is more than twice that of the rest of Germany. Beyond the purchase of real estate, Munich is also a consistently popular city for visitors who love the location and type of property. Cities such as Munich, Cologne and Hamburg have the highest rates of home ownership in Europe and the second highest property prices.

If one compares Munich with the northern city of Bremen, it turns out that a single-family house in B Remen could cost 1,480 euros per square meter, while the same apartments in Munich could cost 5,080 euros per square meter. The city was chosen as the top location for real estate in Germany, with prices per square metre varying between 800 and 4500 euros depending on the location. With an average price of over 2000 euros per square metre, Hamburg is the most expensive municipality in Germany.

Take Bavaria, for example, as an example of a unique state in the country in terms of the cost of German real estate. The entire southeast of Germany is the largest region in Germany with an average price per square metre of over 1,500 euros.

This Munich district is home to some of the most expensive real estate in Germany, with an average square meter price of over 1,500 euros. Munich borders Bavaria, Hesse, Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Schleswig-Holstein.

Although Munich is a popular tourist city hosting many international events such as the Oktoberfest, it also offers a wide range of short-term accommodation options, including serviced apartments and a variety of restaurants and bars. While you have the choice of cheap apartments, some cities such as Munich, Hamburg and Cologne can be very expensive for a move. Munich has been popular in recent years due to its proximity to the German capital Berlin and its location in the heart of Europe.

In fact, renting a flat in Munich is more expensive than renting a flat in London. Fortunately, an apartment in Bavaria Munich costs less than half of what a place in Berlin costs on average.

For comparison: The chart below shows the indexed cost of an apartment in Munich and London for the same period. The average rent for a one-room apartment in Berlin, for example, is without utilities, at an average of 1030 euros per month. This is the average price of a two-person apartment in Munich and more than double the price of a place in London, but less than half the London average.

The average rent for a studio apartment in Berlin, on the other hand, is around 1030 euros a month, but less than half the price in London.

We also take a look at some shopping tips in Munich, buying tips and tips on where to shop in Berlin, Berlin and Munich. We will also take a closer look at some of the most popular real estate sites in the city.

This guide will guide you through the process of buying a German property, from looking for a flat in Germany to signing a contract. You can do it yourself or you can find a real estate agent you know and hire to find your way around the rental market in Munich.

Engel Volkers has been a real estate agent in Munich for over 20 years and helps you to fulfil your real estate wishes in your ideal residential area. We support you with customized real estate solutions and support all sales and purchases or all matters in the Munich area and are a member of the Annual General Meetings of Munich Real Estate Agents. We are one of the largest and most respected real estate agents in Germany and have been supporting the sale and purchase of all matters in our area for over 30 years.

With a wide selection of properties, Nestpick can help prospective tenants find everything from standard apartments to luxury suites. If you travel to the southern suburbs of Munich, you will find a large number of rental apartments in the most desirable districts. The impressive selection of apartments and living spaces in Munich contributes to the Munich feel-good factor. With over 1.5 million square metres of office space, we will find the perfect home for you in one of Germany's most attractive districts.

German real estate offers foreign buyers - including non-EU citizens - a unique opportunity to purchase real estate for living and investing. For foreigners there is a wide range of real estate to buy in Germany, and for non-Germans there are a number of options to buy real estate.

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