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About Munich

Munich, Germany, the Bavarian capital, is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe. Munich is also one of the “pleasure capitals” of the world. There are around 180 beer gardens in Munich and the annual 16-day Munich Oktoberfest is the world’s biggest beer bust. Each year over six million German residents and visitors consume over six million liters (1.5 gallons) of brew and enjoy hundreds of sideshows at the Wiesn’ (Oktoberfest site). After raising a stein or two, remember there’s much more than beer in Munich. For starters, Munich boasts 46 museums, 56 theatres and a multitude of magnificent palaces, parks and pavilions. Hop on a Stadtrundfahrt City Tours colorful double-decker bus and head for the top level. The one hour tour circles the major sights of Munich and is a great way to decide which attractions to visit. Save travel dollars on transportation and admissions with a Munich Welcome Card (purchased online or at Munich Public Transport offices.

Start exploring in style. Nymphenburg Palace, the baroque summer home of Bavarian monarchs for centuries, houses the famous “Gallery of Beauties.” Don’t miss the four garden pavilions: Amalienburg. Badenburg, Pagodenburg and Magdalenenklause. Each holds surprises such as an ethereal circular hall of mirrors and the first heated indoor pool of modern times. Continue on the palace parade with the Lustheim Palace and Old and New Altes Schleibheim complexes. Visit Olympic Park, the site of the 1972 Olympics. The fascinating BMW Museum (scheduled to re-open in early 2007 after extensive renovation) is located across the street. Lightening flashes, futuristic robots hum and telescopes zoom in on outer space at the Deutsches Museum. Give the senses a treat and indulge in culinary delights with a walk through the streets of the Victuralienmarkt (Victuals Market). Attend a sports event at the futuristic Allianz-Arena. Learn the tricks of the film trade onboard the Film Express at Bavaria Filstadt, Germany’s Film city where flicks like “Das Boot” and “Cabaret” were filmed. Munich’s downside: it is almost impossible to see all of the important sites in one visit. Munich’s upside: there will be plenty of attractions, activities and gastronomic delights waiting on future visits.

Written by: Lynne Christen

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